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Renewable aviation fuel (biojet) holds the greatest potential for enabling carbon neutral growth of the Canadian aviation sector. The CBSCI will work towards functional integration of biojet into the downstream supply chain as a key enabling factor for the uptake of meaningful volumes of biojet by the aviation sector.

The project is intended to achieve the following impacts:

  • Demonstrate operational feasibility of biojet fuels in the domestic jet fuel supply system
  • Catalyze the development of the domestic biojet sector
  • Validate Canadian biojet supply chain elements
  • Generate hands‐on experience with biojet handling and integration






CBSCI includes biojet blending and utilization activities as well as targeted research to extend the impact of this project towards enabling the creation of a domestic biojet industry. The reports in CBSCI utilize contributions from participants in academia, industry, and government.

*PLEASE NOTE: CBSCI reports are currently being completed and will be released to the public soon. Summaries are below.
Visit the Reports page to see other related reports in the interim.

Considerations for the Application of a Biojet Sustainability Standard in the Aviation Sector

This stand alone paper was developed during the course of CBSCI operations in order to address the overarching theme of sustainability – both how it is operationalized within a specific supply chain project, and how it is incorporated into an important emerging fuel sector.

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Feedstock, HEFA, and Biojet Production

This report evaluates feedstock availability and suitability for CBSCI and future biojet production. Key criteria for feedstock selection are commercial availability and sustainability. Following the selection of canola oil as a near term available and certified sustainable feedstock, technical analysis is performed to determine the preferred processing conditions for creating HEFA feedstock.

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Appendix to Feedstock report:
Evaluation of the Use of Canola Oil to Meet CBSCI Target Feed Specifications [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Biojet Integration in Co-Mingled Multi User Airport

This report documents the operational components of CBSCI to enable biojet to be integrated into the multi user fuel system at Toronto’s Lester Pearson International Airport. The report details the major elements of the biojet supply chain to enable CBSCI fuel production, delivery and use. Lessons learned are evaluated for their impact on a future biojet supply chain in Canada.

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Enabling Policy for Domestic Biojet Production

Regulatory tools are useful to create hosting conditions to attract investment for biojet production capacity in Canada. This report proposes a set of policy tools to enable a Canadian biojet supply chain.

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